Goodbye..until we meet again (Unique way to bid farewell)

Its never easy to say goodbye to apple of your eye and piece of your heart..

When its time to part away and words can’t express the quest of emotions, moments spent together can create beautiful memories for your loved ones & express what you are going to miss through these distances..

The idea emerged when my brother in law planned to go abroad for an year and his creative fiancee planned a sweet surprise for him to create moments he is going to miss all this while. She involved us all (Mom, Dad, Brother and sis-in-law) in the event to celebrate main festivals &occasions that we will miss him in.. We created aura for each celebration at places within the house. I simply loved the concept and thought of sharing it with my readers.


  1. Banners to represent main festivals around the year & to wish him
  2. Cup cakes as per the events around the year
  3. Candles and tea lights for representing Diwali
  4. Flowers to decorate and play with
  5. Party props for birthday and new year celebrations
  6. Music to match up each celebration
  7. Holi Colors
  8. Rangoli Colors
  9. Playing Cards (Ritual of Diwali)

We decorated rooms based on sequence of festivals & occasions.

We started with the banner “Around the year in one day” on entrance of Room 1. At first, with candles, playing cards, lights, crackers and Rangoli, Event of Diwali was celebrated. Then we moved to Room 2 to celebrate Birthdays of family members with party props, balloons, cupcakes, party hooters and funky photoshoot. Celebration continued for New year & Valentine’s day as well.

It was then time for Holi.. festival of colors, fun and happiness. We celebrated flowers and holi colours at Balcony to enjoy the moment to the fullest.

At the end, we bid goodbye with cupcake for new beginning and best wishes for his future.

It was hard but time to say goodbye.. until we meet again!!

Here is the glimse of moments we shared on his day of farewell.


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