Keepsake for your little one

Motherhood is my life, my joy, my passion, my greatest achievement.

I love being a mom because of the hugs, the giggles, and the grins.. I love capturing memories by creating things by myself, with its due share of mistakes and flops. From painting her room to making homemade cerelac to creating memory book for her ( .. It gives me a sense of satisfaction in creating persoanlised things for her.

I find Baby Keepsakes best buy and what better way to capture the memories than making a personalised one for your little one like I did.


A Photoframe, Beach Sand, Plaster of Paris (POP)


You can check my Youtube video, else refer the tutorial:

  1. Take a photo frame big enough to accomodate hand/ footprint of your baby.

2. Remove hardboard from backside of the frame. Also remove glass placed in front of the frame.

3. Place the frame upside down, place the glass removed in Step 2 under the frame to create space and fill it with a layer of sand.

4. Level the sand by patting the frame very lightly.

5. Take footprint on sand. Press the baby hand or front from one end first and then press it firmly.

6. In case you do not get the desired impression, its easy to level again to repeat the step.

7. Make POP mixture (thick as paint) and pour it over to cover the frame.

8. Let it dry for 2 days. remove extra sand with the help of a brush and screw back the hardboard or back cover to the frame.

9. This is the outcome.

A Day to remember

Please share your feedback on my projects and also share pictures of your work in case you try this or something different for your little angel.


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