Lets save our environment

We all want to protect our planet, but we’re mostly too busy or too lazy to put up big change that would improve our lifestyle and save the environment.

As a responsible citizen and future of tomorrow, Lets contribute our bit to keep our environment hygienic and healthy:

1. Recycle/ Upcycle –

Up-cycle cardboard, old clothes, plastic containers, glass bottles etc and inspire the people around by your creativity and thoughtfulness. Donate clothes and articles which others can use.

2. Keep surroundings clean-

Opt for Bio-degradable products: Replace plastic ware by promoting glassware or steel in your kitchen. Prefer Paper bags over plastic. It adds to your look and are environment friendly.

Use Dustbin: Do not let anyone spoil your surroundings. Guide your dear ones by promoting use of dustbins. I find car dustbins on Amazon are cute and essential. Have a look:

3. Plant trees- Beautify your balcony with colorful planters and contribute to the beauty and necessity of environment.

4. Go natural-

Use Hand-made products and organic products to promote healthy living not only for you and your family but people at large. Such products are available in almost all categories from fashion accessories to home furnishing. Some are listed below:

5. Save Power by opting for Energy saving/high efficiency equipments-

Use of LED lights and Electrical equipments with high energy consumption rating not only help to minimize your electricity bills but also save environment.

6. Avoid leaking taps and switch off lights when not in use.

7. Pool vehicle whenever possible. Less vehicles less pollution.

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