Momtastic shopping list for new mommies

She is strong, She is vulnerable, Slightly irritated, Slightly confused, she is a new mother going through roller-coaster of emotions. Her quest to become a perfect mother is full of anxiety and excitement. She is struggling to learn the world of babies never known to her.

She had perfect physique, nails, hairs and strength. She was a party person, bubbly, chirpy, ready to go.

From perfect look to body aches, from trendy clutch to diaper bag, from parties to feed time, from vacations to sleepless nights.. her world is changing.

Becoming a mom for the first time is both scary and exciting.
There are a lot of unknowns, and while we want to do our best for our kids, it’s just not easy to know exactly what to do, even if we prepare as much as possible.

Its not always easy to run to shopping when there’s a new born in the house. I have summarized a list of everything essential to comfort her & make her life stress free and motherhood joyful..

    1. Hygiene care

    2. Feeding Accessories


    1. 3. Storage Organizers

  1. 4. Basic Baby essentials- Besides clothes and bed set, all that is neeeded:

5. Just in case Kit- It definately will make panic situations passby easily..

OTC Medicines like Collicaid (For griping pain) and Nasoclear (For Nose Congestion) can be kept handy to avoid panic.

Being a new mom myself, I am sure, all these essentials will make her life roll along more smoothly with the little cutie.

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